If there’s an addiction, there’s a cause

The curse of addiction can be fought.

As the community of Eldorado Park, it is frustrating and unfortunate to be associated with drugs and substance abuse whenever the name “Eldos” pops up.

This community is greater and better than that, and there are people hard at work trying to bring about a different perspective to Eldorado Park.One of the foundations doing incredible work in Eldos is the Yellow Ribbon Foundation.

They have begun the “Sharing Without Shame Parents Support Group” facilitated by Dereleen James. The group will focus on solutions to parental abuse by addicts, involuntary intake via court, how to heal and cope, and tools on signs and symptoms of early addiction.

“We are receiving so many pleas for help from the community that is why we started this support group” said Dereleen James. She has also made reference to a mother who took the life of her daughter last year in November because of substance abuse, which is what also drove the group to be started.

Dereleen has made her journey with her son known to the public and said she wants this support group to be of hope and tangible outcomes.

The first meeting took place on Tuesday night and it was mostly mothers who came through. Parents were open in sharing their pain and frustration due to what these drugs are doing to their children.

These parents shared similar situations and stories but each parent who spoke showed that this problem we have in Eldorado Park is actually bigger than what most of us might think. There was a story of hope from one mother in which her two sons have now recovered after 12 years.

“After a period of 12 years the light at the end of my tunnel came last year” said the mother. “I think each and every person’s case is different if I must sit and talk to you we would be here the whole night” mentioned another parent.

The South African Police Service was also present at the meeting, educating those who were present on certain procedures regarding the problems they were facing. Sharing Without Shame Parents Support Group is educational and parents can learn a lot in how to face the issues of substance abuse.

The Yellow Ribbon Foundation invites parents and guardians in the community to come out to the support group which will take place every Tuesday at 6.pm, at Milnerton Road, Extension 4 next to Lancea Vale High School. For more information contact 087 077 0058.

Source: Westside Eldos

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