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Drug abuse prevention begins with education, spreading the word regarding the dangers of drugs to oneself and to the community. These programs are just the beginning. The information provided is most effective when it is followed up with continued support. Drug prevention programs seek to involve the family, community or workplace in the prevention process. To be effective, communities need to sustain the progress. This often requires continued leadership and financial support.


Youth spend much of their time in a school environment, and schools are important places in which to provide knowledge and tools to prevent and reduce youth drug involvement. Successful school-based prevention programs, targeting those most at-risk, contribute to reduce drug-related crime. Schools provide an opportune environment to implement prevention programs that seek to reduce the risk factors and increase the protective factors of substance use and abuse and future delinquency among youth.

School-based drug prevention programs that are targeted, evidence-based, interactive, youth-focused and, engaging, have been shown to have success in reducing drug abuse. Overall, successful school-based programs have been shown to have interventions delivered by trained professionals, limited number of students, intense contact, and booster sessions for youth most at-risk at the latter stage of the intervention.

Lanceavale Secondary School

These promising and effective prevention programs also often combine community partnerships with intervention components that are known to work and use trained, knowledgeable and committed personnel that can genuinely relate with and engage youth.

Early use and later problematic use are risk factors for future delinquency. Numerous studies have documented the strong link between drug abuse and crime. It is often intimately linked to the commission of criminal acts. Prevention programs successful in reducing and/or preventing the number of individuals who abuse drugs contribute to reductions in later delinquency.


As a community we are all concerned about substance abuse issues facing our people in our neighborhoods. The goal of our community programme is to bring people, groups, and associations together to create awareness and thereby strengthening our community. By building on our community’s strengths and involving youth, we are able provide youth and others with an opportunity to move in a positive direction.

Coalitions are typically made up people who represent different sectors of the community – business, law enforcement, schools, local government, health, media, parents, youth, and the faith community, all working together to develop a comprehensive community-wide approach to substance abuse issues.

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Many communities realize that local drug problems require local solutions. Our Drug prevention programs seek to involve the family, community and/or workplace as part of the whole prevention process